Ms. Bancroft - English 9
Share your found poem created from the Holocaust and Human Rights song lyrics shared in class.


03/15/2010 08:12

Gypsies, queers and Davids stars, One hundred people, in a railroad car, Skin and bone, Piss and blood, Count the face, Measure the bones, Pull out the teeth, Do you belong to the human race, Are you unkind, Cover our eyes with clear blue skies, Here is potential gone for good, With thousands of men, She stands with her brother, Her head has been shaven, By a black uniform, She's one of gods children , That waits by the door, She tightens her lips, Tears on her pillow, Touches the number, Tattooed on her wrist, The sign says “Treblinka” Six hundred souls, In the doors of the chambers, Again she can't breathe, For all of the children, She'll always see, As the watchtowers tumble, She'd run with the others, Over the graves, In an ocean of fire, “I'm going to live” For all of gods children, Who died on this day, I don't want to wait, For our lives to be over.

03/15/2010 08:22

Dillon Frechette
03/15/2010 08:23

When footsteps from that Sunday march faded out into the dark
kiss my wife and kids goodbye choke back the quiver in my breath
here is a teacher with no face and dancer with no legs
you say i'm good enough to play, but not good enough to stay
I will gladly pick your peaches or clean your hotel room.

10/27/2010 02:31

Cosmic beautiful, Because the love of god, Flowers are beautiful, Because of love, The sky is greenery is beautiful, Because BaiYunZhi love, Earth is beautiful, Because the love of friends! My good wishes, Through the space sent to you!

01/09/2011 19:50

Happy every day in new year

01/09/2011 21:45

Happy new year

Thomas Williams
05/27/2011 06:49

this train is bound for glory
not at all
this train bound pain
yes for them all
this train bound for safety
why do you lie
this train is bound death
yes an ain't the truth scary
a child be crying wining for there mother
a bucket of piss and sh** but one for water
make mistake drink the wrong
you would die for only the song

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