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Modern Day Mt. Rushmore Essay

Assessment Essay Due April 16th, 2010
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Optional Assignment #2 - Watch a Movie!

During class we read the famous short story, "The Greatest Gift". Your extra credit assignment is to watch the holiday movie It's a Wonderful Life and write an essay comparing the story to the movie. In your essay consider the following:

The characters
The conflicts
The plot lines

How are the two stories similar?
How are they different?
Which did you prefer and why?

For extra bonus points, find some examples of literary devices used by the author in the short story.

If you did not bring a copy home with you, open the attachment below and print it, if necessary.
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The Hero Archetype

Students took the following notes on the hero archetype, or the typical pattern of a hero's myth:

The circumstances of the hero's birth may be unusual.
The hero is raised by others, hidden or disguised to save his life.
The hero has superhuman powers.
The hero is often the child of a god/goddess, or king/queen.
The hero may fall from favor with a good or goddess.
The hero's destiny is often prophesied before birth, but later is revealed by a god or goddess.
The hero may try to avoid a task, but later accept it.
The hero goes on a quest known as The Hero's Journey
The hero goes througha series of challenges and encouters monsters and villains.
The hero may take a trip to the Underworld or confront Death.
The Hero's Journey often includes a damsel in distress.
The hero is often assisted by a god or goddess.
The hero wins a crown or kingdom.

We will be studying several hero myths and students will compare and contrast the various ways each myth fits the hero archetype.

Mythology Character Presentation Due 11/23 and 11/24

Students were individually assigned a character to research from Greek mythology. With their researched information they are to create a poster or slide presentation that explains their findings. A short presentation on their character is due on Monday or Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. This presentation will kick off our study of Greek mythology.

Netbook Application Presentation 11/6 and 11/9

Students selected a Netbook application that they felt would be useful to themselves and their classmates. They explored the features of this application and pres

2nd Quarter Book Project Due November 30th or December 1st

Below is the product descriptor for the book project which was assigned for this quarter.
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SAT Vocabulary - Lesson 2     November 10

Our second SAT vocabulary lesson includes the following words and their definitions.

sage     assail     fecund     deride     idyllic     distend     amorous     expedite     decorous     vacuous     didactic     volatile     juxtapose     histrionic     discordant     exasperate     scrutinize     benevolent     corroborate

Using the application KWord Quiz, students are to create study tools using these words.

________________Quarter 1 Assignments________________

SAT Vocabulary - Lesson 1

In class we learned 20 new vocabulary words. Students took a pretest to determine which of the words they already knew. We went over the pretest and I gave examples of how each word might be used. We identified the part of speech of each word.

Then we watched a video that demonstrated each word through video clips and skits.

Context clues were discussed and demonstrated as follows.

Assignment: Students were asked to write sentences using each new vocabulary word and demonstrate their understanding of each new word by including a context clue to meaning.

Context Clues Notes - Types of Context Clues to be Used When Creating Original Sentences

1) Use the new word and its definition
The cat was obese or extremely overweight.

2) Use the new word and contrast it with its opposite or antonym.
After the cat lost twenty pounds on Kitty Nutrisystem, he was no longer obese, but skinny.

3)Use the new word and an example
The cat was so obesehe got stuck in his pet door.

Can you match the new vocabulary word with its definition?

1. tout             -to start a fire,; ignite; arouse
2. extol            -dark; uknown; hard to understand
3. quell            -to slow or impede the progress of 
4. brawn          -a person who is skillful with their hands
5. efface          -everyday speech; slang
6. hinder          -to describe accurately
7. hiatus           -someone who consumes too much food or drink
8. kindle           -extreme wickedness
9. copious         -to destroy completely
10. artisan        -to erase; to rub out
11. enhance      -a break or vacation
12. glutton        -grumbling; grumpy
13.obscure        -muscular strength
14. engender     -abundant, plentiful
15. delineate     -to intensify; improve
16. nefarious     -to create; to cause
17. querulous    -to praise highly
18. obliterate     -eager to fight
19. vernacular   -to publicly brag
20. pugnacious  -to calm, pacify

Interview Essay Final Draft
Typed Draft of Best Teacher Essay

Sunday, October 25,2009
Now that students have their Netbooks, there are a couple of essays that I would like them to revise and submit before the quarter closes on Friday, October 30th:

1. The Classmate Interview essay - final
2. The Best Teacher Ever essay draft

Format for Written Work

Include a heading:
Your Name
Class Period

Title - an original title that concerns the topic of your essay.

Use a readable font, preferably Ariel, Times or Times New Roman
Font size 12 or 14
Do not single space - use 1.5 line spaces
Indent paragraphs by using the Tab key once

Be sure to edit your paper. Use spell check and revise accordingly. It is always a good idea to have someone else read your paper before you submit it for a grade.

Save your work as a document or PDF and upload it the "Submit and Assignment" page. Be certain to include your name and to submit your assignment on or before its due date.

Best Teacher Ever - Essay

Best Teacher Ever

Write an essay describing your best teacher ever. Do so in whatever format you have been taught to write a formal essay.

Some things to consider

Characterization - You should give the reader some sense of the following
     What this person looks like
     Their actions that demonstrate their teaching
     Things that they have said or typically say
      How they might describe themselves
      What others might have to say about them

Include dialogue that moves the story along

Include anecdotes - stories that show, and don't just tell, ways in which this person is a great teacher

Below is the model that I shared in class of a time when I became a student of my grandmother.
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Student of the Month Nomination Power Paragraph
Due 9/17 or 9/18

Power Paragraph Format

We have been practicing the power paragraph format, an 11-sentence format that supports the topic sentence with three examples and two specific details for each example, followed by a concluding sentence. Topics so far:
     Two Truths and a Lie
     Teacher of the Month - as a class
     Student of the Month
The format looks like this, with only the Topic Sentence indented. Remember, this is a single, well-supported paragraph with examples and supporting details.

               Topic Sentence (the only indented sentence in a power paragraph)
               Example 1
               Detail 1A
               Detail 1B
               Example 2
               Detail 2A
               Detail 2B
               Example 3
               Detail 3A
               Detail 3B

Sample Power Paragraph - Written Collaboratively by Period 2

         Our class would like to nominate Mr. Vandemark for Teacher of the Month at OHCHS. He's a really great teacher of social studies. Mr. Vandemark makes the subject interesting. He doesn't just use a textbook, he goes over the information instead of making us read it by ourselves. He's not a "get in your face" kind of guy when it comes to work. Mr. Vandemark can be fun, but also gets down to business. Without yelling, he reminds us that it's our grade and he's not going to hunt us down for our work. Mr. V. is also very down to earth. He's known some of us since elementary school and still acknowledges that. . Still, for the rest of us, he doesn't play favorites - he's fair to everyone. All in all Mr. Vandemark is a great teacher that deserves to be the Teacher of the Month!

Literary Term Word Wall Under Construction


Literary Term Word Card Due September 16/17

Each student was assigned a literary term and created a word card. This card features the term and its definition on the front and an illustration of the term and its use inside. The word cards will be posted on our Word Wall in the classroom, and students are expected to learn these terms and use them when talking and writing about literature.

Literary Terms to Know

Attached is a copy of the literary terms glossary handed out in class. Each student was assigned one of these terms and created a word card. This card features the term and its definition on the front and an illustration of the term and its use inside. The word cards will be posted on our Word Wall in the classroom and students are expected to learn these terms and use them when talking and writing about literature.
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Classmate Interview - Due September 9/10

We brainstormed questions and you chose a partner to interview. In cases of absence, the assignment was modified and some students had to address these questions themselves. An interview article, based on information and quotes gathered was then assigned. Each student presented their article. This assignment counts in the Writing, Presentation and Research standards. Below is the interview questionnaire used for this assignment.
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A Model of the Assignment

I shared an interview essay that I wrote about my son, Logan.
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