Ms. Bancroft - English 9
Recently you researched hate crimes and we discussed them in class. Using your written response to the hate crime that occurred in Poland and classroom discussion, please post your response to this topic prose or poetry.

If someone came into my house with me not there or not invited I would be pissed and I would call the police.
If someone kicked my door down I would be furious I would go and find who did it.
If someone destroyed the place where I sit my fat but down to watch tv I would go and start flipping out.
If someone went in and broke my house I would be so pissed off and I would want revenge.
If someone took a dump on my floor I would put it in a bag and light it on fire and put it on there porch.
If someone wrote mean shit on my walls or tables or anything I would want to get them back because I don't take kindly to people being jackasses.
If they took a break in the middle of it all I would be so mad I would want to shoot him.
If someone put me down or something I would be really pissed cause I hate when people make me feel less then even.
If someone left meat to rot on my floor I would make the S.O.B. that put it there eat it.
If the police didn't arrest the people that did it when they knew who it was I would have them kicked of the department.
It feels like you are a loner like if you died nobody would care I would be pissed.

Ryan Bolduc

I would be vary mad, and would probably end up taking it up them if I found out about it and if I did know who it was. I would then be really really mad and try to find out who did it. I would be mad enough to really want to take this issue up with the person(s) who did it. I would definitely want to find out who did it. Then I would be vary pissed and want to kill them right about now. I be really vary pissed. I would be to pissed to really care. I might prove them wrong. Then I would be mad at all the wasted food. I would be mad enough to take it in to my own hands of call someone who would do what the cops did not. It could be worse.


I think it's kind of sick and gross. I don't know how someone could have so much hate inside of them to want to hurt them so badly. It makes me sick. It's really really gross.


If someone came into my home without my knowledge, I would be very angry. If I knew them, I would feel betrayed. If someone broke the doors of my house down in order to come in and vandalize, I would be very hurt, and angry. If somebody ruined the place where I hung out, I would be very upset, and feel violated. If someone ruined the place where I lived, I would be extremely upset, and very very angry. If someone went to the bathroom beside the toilet instead of in the toilet, I would be extremely angry, and disscusted. If someone wrote words on hate on my wall with my own markers, I would be hurt, and feel hate towards that person. If someone decided to take a break of destroying my house with a drink in the kitchen, that would throw me over the edge, and I would be beyond anger. If someone made me feel less than equal, I would be angry because everyone is created equal. If someone took fish and meat a poultry out of my freezer to root on the floor, I would feel like I needed revenge and I would hate them. If the police didn't file the report or make an arrest if they found the suspects, I would be so extremely angry, I would sue them, and I would want revenge. If no one cared what happened to me, I would feel betrayed and feel like it is unfair, and they would care if it were someone else.

Tanner Pike

If someone came into my house with out me knowing and trashed it I would be very pissed.
If they broke down the door I would probably track them down and beat them up.
If someone destroyed my house I would be so angry I wouldn't know what to do.
If someone went to the bathroom on my floor.....something bad would happen.
If someone wrote on the walls I would find them and make them repaint the walls.
If they broke into my fridge and relaxed after destroying my house I would beat the life out of them.
I would probably go to their house and make them buy/fix everything they destroyed
If they dumped frozen fish/meat to rot on the floor I would pick it up and make them eat it and then make them buy some more.
If the police did not arrest/report the person I would take matters into my own hands.
If all this happened and no one cared I would be extremely pissed.


1) I would be very very mad because thats my territory. My family is very territorial.

2)I would definitely be very upset and angry. But with my three dogs I'm confident they wouldn't get to far.
3)All of these things my dad would probably kill them, my dad has spent the last 15 years building his dream house. Putting all his money and time into this house.
4)I would be very mad because I don't like anything on my walls. Its a pet peeve. Plus I really would just think these people need to grow the hell up.
5)They waisted my food? On their meaningless body. Now I love my food and thats way to far. You should be afraid to even set foot in my house let alone touch my food.
6)I probably wouldn't feel that way I would just look at it as they are just really ignorant and should probably go get a life sometime soon. Somewhere away from town for their sake.
7)Again my dad would probably beat someone to near death for disrespecting his sentimental property.
8)Then I would go to someone higher then the police station and sue and have them loose their jobs.
9)Probably just really mad at everyone but I would know some people in the right mind would know what was done and is wrong and it should be heavily heavily frowned upon.


If someone broke into my house without my knowledge I would be angry . I would want to get back at whoever did it . If the broke down the doors to brake into my house I would start to feel shocked . If they had smashed up the place I relaxed I would be paranoid . If my whole house was totally wrecked then I would be a mess I would be pissed off . If they pooped on the floor I would want them dead . If somebody wrote on my walls I would call the cops and try to find the man first .If they had the nerve to take a brake and relax in my home after wrecking it I would feel like they didnt even care to rush out knowing the cops wouldn't come . If they had no care of property and tried to make me feel like less I would punch a hole in the wall . If he threw meat on the floor I would be so frigging pissed . If the cops never filed a report I would want to buy a gun and take care of them myself . If I felt nobody cared then I would want to make them care and show them the pain I was in I would want my revenge .


If someone came in to my house with out my knowledge I would feel violated.
If someone broke the door to get in to my house to vandalize it I would be shocked.
If they destroyed the place where my family hangs out I would be angry.
If someone destroyed my house I would be furious.
If someone went to the bathroom next to the toilet I would be irritated.
If someone wrote words of hate on my own walls and my own art supplies I would feel sad.
If someone took a break and have a drink I would feel annoyed.
If someone made me feel unequal I would feel unworthy.
If someone left fish and poultry on my floor to rot I would feel mad.
If a police didn't file a report or make an arrest if they found the suspects I would be ticked.
If no one cared about what happened I would cry.


Hate crimes seem like they are very bad things to do. The people who broke into their house and broke all their belongings is horrid. The cops should have been more concerned about how they felt with the whole things. The vandals should have been in big trouble for doing that instead of waiting a while to charge them. They destroyed priceless possessions which can never be replaced.

billy leahy

Hate crime is very bad and it hurts peoples feelings. the crime in poland was very brutal i feel bad for the couple that was gone when it all happend. if that happend to my family i would be very upset with the people that did it.

Jacob Hall

I would feel freaked out.

I would be shocked and call the police.

I would be so mad that if I saw the person I would punch the person.

I would feel so confused.

I would so mad.

I would have to burn the house down.

I would be so mad, because no one touches my coca cola.

I would have to bet them.

I would shoot them.

I would go start to the governor and talk to him about it.

I would hunt the person down and shoot them.

Angel Witham

I learned that if anything that happened to me that happened tot those people I would be very upset. Also, not to use those hate languages because other people might be around to here. Words can be very strong and can hurt a lot of people.

Spencer Thompson

I learned that everyone can get targeted with hate crimes and that if your a minor you can have your name published all over the news it's hard to say that you can't even live in your own house without being afraid that someones going to come get you and beat you from a rock through your window or you sleeping on your roof because some kids tell you that they will come back and finish the job


If someone came into my house, without my knowledge, I would be hurt. I would be angry people to advantage of me like that. I would feel the need to find out who it was, and get revenge. I would feel dumb, that they did this to me, because of the way I am. What did I do wrong? They did more wrong than I did, by breaking into my home, and vandalize it. I would be upset, that my living room is ruined, where I once sat, and played with my dog while watching TV. My house is destroyed, something I have worked so hard for! My kitchen, bedroom.. Everything I have ever worked for, ruined. They went to the bathroom on my floor, not the toilet. People disrespect me like that? Its terrible, that people think so terribly of me. I would be terribly angry, that they dare use MY things, to write such words of hate. So rude, they drink my soda. They take a break right in the middle of this, who does that? They shouldn't have been in my home! Drink your own damn drink! They are no better than me. I have paid the same for my home, my belongings. I have worked my entire life for these things, done just as much as they had. If they left rotten food on my floor to rot, what did I do to deserve this? The police do not file a report? Or make an arrest. This is terrible! Everything of mine is destroyed, all I have ever worked for, and its not my fault, I cannot help this. I think this would feel like the worst thing in the world. Everybody is equal, and people should care that my house is now crap. I have the right to have these people put behind bars. If I did this, I would be arrested, and probably go to jail.


If someone came into my house without my knowledge I would feel threatened and worried. I would wonder if they were still in it. ? I would check to see if there was anything missing. If someone broke down the door of my house, I would call the police and then call to have a security lock on my house. If someone came into my house, and destroyed my relaxation spot, I would feel very violated. I would be very angry if someone ruined my kitchen of bedroom or any room in my house. I would get very pis*ed if someone went to the bathroom next to the toilet. I would get very upset if someone wrote disturbing hate words about me. I would feel scared and upset. I would be mad and shocked if someone took a break while doing all of this disturbing stuff to me. I would wonder why they took there time. I would feel dissapointed if I wasn't treated equal like everyone else. I would feel like no one cared about me or my belongings. If someone took fish or other meats from my freezer and left it on my floor to rot I would feel like everything I worked for was just a waste of time. If I reported this to the law and they caught the person but let she/he get away with these crimes I would feel helpless. I would feel very ashamed of the person who did this. I would feel very miserable about all of these crimes. I would never be able to live the same way again.


Hate crimes, well they are stupid. I think that if people would just give up all the hate then the world would be happier. If anyone was to hate we and do any off these hate crimes to me or someone that I care for, I would be (excuse my language) pissed the hell off. It would change my hole prospective of this state/world. And if any one was to destroy my home (or even enter without my promision) I would instantly move or get new locks.... Or maybe not trust anyone in the towing I'm living in. So any hate crime (to wrap it up) I would get.... Mad.


If someone came into my house i would be mad, and wonder if they were still there. If someone broke down the door of my house, i would call the police. If someone broke into my house and destroyed my room i would be very upset. If someone destroyed my whole house i would be pissed. If someone went to the bathroom right next to the toilet i would be mad. If someone wrote hate words towards me on my wall i would be annoyed. I would be mad if someone took a break in the middle of destroying my home. I would be upset if i wasnt treated equal. If someone took fish out of my freezer and put it onto the floor to rot i would be annoyed. If the people who did this was caught and got away with it i would be angry.


If someone who was not invited came into my house and vandalized it just because I had a different lifestyle I would be beyond pissed. I did nothing wrong except for live my life and if they weren't arrested because the police didn't like my lifestyle either then I would be even more mad because It just isn't fair.


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