Ms. Bancroft - English 9
Share your found poem created from the Holocaust and Human Rights song lyrics shared in class.
Alissa Mann

Hannah is dreaming
she's young once again
In a railroad car
One hundred people
Gypsies, queers, and David's stars
This Train is bound for glory.
She stands with her brother
With thousands of men
The sign says “Treblinka”
She can't Breath again.
They say she's a Jew as though being born were a sin.
Her head has been shaven
By a black uniform
there is no where to hide
She touches the number
Tattooed on her wrist.
War's a wicked bird that never comes to rest
feeding on the dreams of all the children.
The war she saw
lives inside her still.
It sucks her into the jaws of anger
It's so hard to be gentle and warm.
Hannah is watching
her grandchildren play
She hears the bells ringing
In a town far away.

Rachael Trammell

Hannah is standing
Outside the gates
The sign says Treblinka
Her eyes fill with fear.
Hannah is wondering if she'll ever leave here.
Her head has been shave,
By a black uniform
She closes her eyes and wishes for hope.
She opens them up and cries alone.


I can hear my heart, pounding like a clock.
I reach out my hand, touching death itself.
A dancer with no legs.
My head has been shaven
by a black uniform.
I reach out my hand, touching death itself.
A healer with no hands.
I touch the number
Tattooed on my wrist.
I reach out my hand, touching death itself.
A runner who has no feet.
Six hundred souls
in the doors of the chambers.
There is no one left who can protect me.
Now, can you open up your eyes and give us peace.


Some of Gods children
You are unkind
Wars a wicked bird that never comes to rest
The beast he threatens
“You won't survive!”
For all of Gods children
Stacked like wood
Here is potential gone for good
You say he's a faggot
Are you afraid your the same
For all of Gods children
Tears on her pillow
Escaped through the wire.


When footsteps from that Sunday march faded out into the dark
kiss my wife and kids goodbye choke back the quiver in my breath
here is a teacher with no face and dancer with no legs
you say i'm good enough to play, but not good enough to stay
I will gladly pick your peaches or clean your hotel room.

Miranda Levesque

Cover our eyes with clear blue skies,
Her head has been shaven,
She touches the number tattooed on her wrist,
“You won't survive”
Blood in all the streets, running like a flood,
So open up your morning light, and say a little prayer for I,
This one's for the Godfather, Duke, Ella, and the Count,
We are the children of poverty trying to make a stand,
Vanish just like smoke in autumn wind,
When footsteps from that Sunday march faded out into the dark,
No coloreds allowed unless you're playing in the show,
We are the children of poverty trying to make a stand,
Vanish just like smoke in autumn wind.

Zachary Burgess

For our lives to be over
In an Unknown Grave
will it be yes or will it be no
six hundred souls
in the doors of the chambers
they are gods children
waiting in vain
for that never ending pain
these are the first steps
into the corridor of death
when the door closes
there is no more
In the garden of white crosses
there is the end of potential good

Natashia Fraser-Wordell

Natashia Fraser-Wordell
Ms. Bancroft
Period 5

Do you belong to the human race?
You cover our eyes with clear blue skies
Where all of God's children
Again would be free
People say “You won't survive.”
She raises her fist and whispers.
“I am going to live!”
“You are tall and strong I am just a child”
She says to a man in a black uniform
Reaching out her hand, she touches death itself
She's an ugly girl, does that make you feel safe?
Hannah is dreaming
She's one of God's children
Six hundred souls
There's one door of hope
She hears the bells ringing
For all of God's children
Who died for this day
There is no more love and no more longing
When she closes her eyes she dreams of peace


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