Ms. Bancroft - English 9

A Student Sample of a Power Paragraph

Freshman Student of the Month

      I would like to nominate myself for Freshman Student of the Month at OHCHS. I'm a hardworking student. I haven't missed a homework assignment for any of my classes yet. Also, on my Social Studies test, with studying, I got a 101, the highest grade of anyone on Team 1; hard work will lead me to good grades.  I'm a very kind person. If a teacher tells me to work with someone, I work with them and sometimes even make a new friend. I don't try to put people down either; I like having as many friends as I can and putting people down is not how you make friends, it's how you lose them. I'm also very organized. If a teacher tells me to get a paper out, I know that I have it in my binder and it won't be hard to find. Keeping myself organized helps me stay caught up with my work, to keep my grades up. That's why I think I should be Freshman Student of the Month at OHCHS.  (M.L)

This example clearly supports the topic sentence with three examples and specific supporting details for each example given.